EAS Webinar: CBD and Hemp Testing: Requirements from Farm to Table

EAS Webinar: CBD and Hemp Testing: Requirements from Farm to Table

October 20, 2021

Published: Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Event date: 10/20/2021 1:00 PM Export event

EAS Consulting Group, leaders in FDA, USDA and state regulatory issues, is hosting a three-part series on CBD and hemp regulations. From a higher level look at where federal regulations stand today to a deeper dive into safety considerations when manufacturing a food, supplement or tincture, our experts will explore best practices, testing considerations. If you are working in the cannabis space, this is a must-see comprehensive event.

October 20, 2021: Part One
CBD and Hemp Testing: Requirements from Farm to Table
Presented by Paul Burns, Vice President of Sales, Certified Laboratories, Dietary Supplements & Botanicals & Tim Lombardo, EAS Senior Director, Food Consulting Services

What are the testing requirements for raw materials and finished goods? How can those results be interpreted? A determination of safety and specifications compliance must be demonstrated throughout the manufacturing process, with differing tests and results requirements for food and supplement products. Learn what you need to know and what questions to ask of your laboratory testing partner to ensure your raw materials, in-process and finished goods meet your and your customers’ expectations.

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