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Simultaneous electrodialytic preconcentration and speciation of chromium ions (Anal Chem)

AHPA Science Alert

This article presents a new electrodialytic separation of chromium (Cr)(III) and Cr(VI) prior to analysis. Ions are quantitatively transferred via ionically functionalized dialysis membranes into individual receptors that are introduced into ICP-MS. The authors report no significant conversion of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) or vice versa.

FDA solicits comments on use of "natural" on food labeling (FDA)

AHPA Legal Alert

In response to four Citizen Petitions and the evolution of food ingredients, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is soliciting comments on the use of the term "natural" on food labeling.

FDA warns Orgen Nutraceuticals for online therapeutic claims (FDA)

AHPA Legal Alert

FDA sent this warning letter to Orgen Nutraceuticals for website claims that promote the company's supplement products for uses that cause the products to be drugs because they are intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

FDA warns Biomedic Labs for online drug claims (FDA)

AHPA Legal Alert

FDA warns Biomedic Labs for online claims that promote supplements for conditions that cause the products to be drugs.

Marijuana products pulled due to banned pesticides use (The Denver Post)

AHPA Cannabis Alert

Nearly 30,000 packages of Gaia's Garden's and EdiPure's marijuana-infused products were voluntarily recalled because they contain pesticides banned for use on cannabis.

Structural determinants for the pro-osteogenic activity of flavonoids (J Nat Prod)

AHPA Science Alert

Using comparative molecular field analysis, the authors identified structural features that relate to flavonoids activity on the osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro.

AHPA expresses opposition to mandatory product registration

AHPA restates recommendation to submit labels to existing federal database

"The existing Dietary Supplement Label Database is an effective platform to provide consumers with the same type of information that would be provided by mandatory product registration," said AHPA President Michael McGuffin.

Flavones as a promising therapeutic target for cancer treatment (J Nat Prod)

AHPA Science Alert

Three flavones exhibited cellular inhibition of the AKR1B10-mediated reduction of the chemotherapeutic drug daunorubicin, without a considerable cytotoxic effect.

Educating small natural products businesses is key to keeping the industry strong in the November 2015 AHPA Report

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Orodispersible films for iodine deficiency in pediatric population (J Agric Food Chem)

AHPA Science Alert

In this study, a novel, ultra-rapidly dissolving, nanofiber-based, oral-dispersible film formulation containing iodine is described.
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