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Color additive regulations expand the permitted use of spirulina extract (Federal Register)

Editor's Note: The FDA has confirmed the effective date as September 22, 2015, for the Final Rule that amended the color additive regulations to expand the permitted use of spirulina extract as a color additive to include use in coating formulations applied to dietary supplement and drug tablets and capsules. FDA received no objections or requests for a hearing on the final rule. 

Repellency of alpha-pinene against the house fly (Phytochem)

Editor's Note: Alpha-pinene exhibited repellent activities against the house fly, Musca domestica L., and elicits a specific physiological response in this fly.

Metabolomic characterization of hot pepper during fruit development (J Agri Food Chem)

Editor's Note: This article researched metabolites of Capsicum annuum "CM334" fruits at various stages after the full opening of the flower. From 16-25 days, the fruit contained glycosides of luteolin, apigenin, and quercetin, shikimic acid, γ-aminobutyric acid, and putrescine. These compounds later decreased in days 36-38. In days 43-48, leucine, isoleucine, proline, phenylalanine, capsaicin, dihydrocapsaicin, and kaempferol glycosides significantly increased. The authors also discussed metabolite-gene interactions and measured antioxidant activity at various stages.

GNC issues response to Oregon AG lawsuit (GNC)

Editor's Note: GNC issued the statement below noting that the lawsuit filed by the Oregon Attorney General is "without merit" and that the company will "defend itself vigorously against this unfair action."

Inhibitory effects of blueberry polyphenols on light-induced lipid peroxidation in the retina (J. Agric. Food Chem.)

Editor's Note: Prolonged light exposure caused lipid peroxidation for both docosahexaenoic and arachidonic acids in the retina, which threatens visual cells and affects the physiological health of the retina. Blueberry polyphenol fractions prevented visible light-induced docosahexaenoic acid lipid peroxidation. The flavonoid-rich fraction was more effective than the anthocyanin- and phenolic acid-rich fractions.

AHPA Provides Perspective on Emergency Room Visits Purportedly Associated with Supplements

When placed into context, study demonstrates relative safety of supplements

Article published in New England Journal of Medicine

overstates emergency room (ER) visits associated with dietary supplements. Study also shows supplements are relatively safe compared to other product categories.

Effects of quercetin-rich onion skin extract on blood pressure (Brit J Nutr)

Editor's Note: The effects of 162 mg/day quercetin from onion skin extract was investigated on blood pressure (BP) in overweight-to-obese patients with prehypertension and stage I hypertension. Seventy subjects were randomized in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled cross-over trial with 6-week treatment periods separated by a 6-week washout period. Before and after the intervention, ambulatory blood pressure and office were measured; urine and blood samples were collected; and endothelial function was measured. Quercetin decreased 24 h systolic BP and daytime and nighttime systolic BP in hypertensive subjects. The authors suggested a cardioprotective effect of quercetin and that the mechanisms responsible for the BP-lowering effect remain unclear.

Toads Skin, Herbs Feed China's $2.7 Billion Cancer Fight (Bloomberg)

Media Alert

Bloomberg reports that Chinese sales of traditional cancer treatments grew to $2.7 billion in 2014, a 35 percent increase and roughly double the growth of the rapidly expanding sales of oncologic drugs.

AHPA urges USP to use more precise terminology in proposed general chapter

AHPA Update

AHPA expresses concern that USP's proposal confuses unlawful misbranded drugs with legal dietary supplements

Ganoderma species (Phytochemistry)

Phytochemistry, Volume 114, June 2015 is a special issue dedicated to Ganoderma.

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