AHPA President speaks at annual Health Concerns Symposium

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AHPA President speaks at annual Health Concerns Symposium

Published: Monday, September 15, 2014

AHPA President Michael McGuffin on Sunday provided an update of issues impacting the herbal products industry at the annual Health Concerns Symposium, an educational event for practitioners, students, and partners in the holistic, herbal and alternative medicine community held in San Francisco.

McGuffin presented a broad overview of the herbal products industry and reviewed several issues of specific interest to healthcare practitioners.

"Medical practitioners provide guidance and expertise for many of the millions of Americans who use herbs in their healthcare choices," noted McGuffin. "It is essential that access to herbs through the professional channel is maintained, and that practitioners stay informed on emerging regulatory issues."

AHPA has several resources that are useful for healthcare practitioners who prescribe herbs, in particular the AHPA Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd edition, published in 2013 and available in print or as an online, searchable database.

This year's symposium focused on Healing Digestive Disorders. Speakers presented on subjects including acupuncture, digestive immunity, the future of herbs, new developments in Traditional Chinese Medicine and more.

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