AHPA launches AHPA Import Records Center

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AHPA launches AHPA Import Records Center

Industry urged to report import interruptions

Published: Wednesday, November 5, 2014

In a unique effort to help reduce and shorten import delays, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) has launched the AHPA Import Records Center to collect information on regulatory interruptions encountered when shipping herbs and other goods into the U.S.

By recording and collating reports of border problems in a centralized repository, the AHPA Import Records Center will reveal patterns with regard to the types of products subject to import interruption; the practices of specific ports, agencies, or inspectors; the average time and range of costs to importers of such interruptions; etc. Gathering this data will allow AHPA to alert importers and and inform regulatory agencies and legislators about common issues and emerging trends that delay the import of herbs and herbal products.

AHPA encourages importers of herbs, other dietary or food ingredients, finished herbal products, dietary supplements, and/or foods to submit data on import delays if any of these interruptions are encountered during an import:

  • Unexplained delay
  • Hold or detention for sampling or testing
  • Other temporary hold or detention
  • Refusal of import

Membership in AHPA is not a prerequisite for submitting reports to the AHPA Import Records Center. As one of the many services that AHPA provides to the entire herbal, dietary supplements, and natural foods industry, all submissions are welcome.

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