AHPA Botanical Congress

Seventh Annual Botanical Congress

SupplySide West - Mandalay Bay -- Las Vegas

November 10, 2018

AHPA's Seventh Annual Botanical Congress is a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders about global supply chain management techniques, regulatory issues, the latest research, current and emerging financial trends and many more of the diverse opportunities and challenges the herbal products industry faces.


Participation in the AHPA Botanical Congress provides guidance to dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and affiliated firms that bear the burden of regulatory compliance, including product testing, and the verification of botanical identity via scientifically valid methods. This unique, one-day event features a wide-array of industry experts offering first-hand experience, education and information. In addition to participating in panel discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a discussion on hot button media issues affecting the industry by addressing a panel of industry media representatives.

Botanical Congress Videos

Who Should Attend the Botanical Congress?

  • CEO / CFO / COO / CSO / CMO / CIO / Chairman / President / Owner / Partner
  • Purchasing / Supply Chain / Procurement
  • Product Development / Food Technologist / Food Scientist / Cosmetic Chemist / Research / Scientist / Formulator / Nutritionist
  • Brand Management / Marketing / Communications / Public Relations / Consultants
  • Sales / Sales Manager / Director of Sales / Business Development
  • QA/QC / Testing / Lab Technician / Operations
  • Legal / Regulatory / Compliance

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